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Where are we ? Where are we headed?

Building Bridges in our community. Special Guest Mayor Margot Garant.

Life Skills Classroom in our High School!

Special ED 101. Hear about our upcoming seminar 9/25 7pm in our elementary school Large Group Room. Dr Cahill, Dr Kronberg, Saundra Gumerove and Patricia Craig.

We have the honor of hosting Dr Bissett at our next General Membership Meeting. 10/24/18. She will speaking about mental health and children.

Dr Bissett, guest speaker at Port Jeff SEPTA 10/24/18 speaking with our members about Mental Health.

Tonight is our meeting! 11/29 at 7pm,  Festival of Trees

Dr Matt Lerner, speak to us about social skills. 

Meet Dr. Lerner on 1/23 at our meeting!